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Purpose of the MemberDash plugin

MemberDash is a straightforward integration between WooCommerce Memberships and LearnDash to help WordPress website owners create and manage membership plans, it allows you to create a membership site easily. With MemberDash, you can easily :

  • Restrict access to your content
  • Create different membership levels
  • Manage your subscribers.

When a user signs up for a membership plan, they will gain access to a custom member portal where they can manage their account, view exclusive content, and interact with other members. As an administrator, you can easily manage your members, view payment history, and export data for reporting and analysis.

For example, let's say you run a fitness website and want to offer premium workout plans and nutrition guides to your members. With MemberDash, you can create different membership tiers, such as "Basic," "Premium," and "Elite," each with its own set of features and pricing. You can also set up recurring payments, offer discounts, and track member activity. And when you add a new course to a membership, everyone with that membership will get access to it. It sure beats hunting down every past purchase to manually grant them access like you would have to with LearnDash’s solution!