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Course List Widget - Overview


When setting up your course, you currently have several options on the way that it's viewed; LifterLMS render and LifterElement's render. We recommend using the LifterElement's render while using the Lifter Elements plugin since it provides more control over what your course cards look like.

Columns Add between 1-6 columns to display your courses
Equal Heights? This forces all of your columns to be equal height
Min Height You can set all of your columns to be a specific minimum height


Course Category Allows you to display a specific category for your courses
Show Hidden Courses Hide or show any hidden courses
Filters None (show all courses)
Show all enrolled courses (including expired and canceled)
Show only available enrolled courses
Show expired enrolled courses
Show canceled enrolled courses
Order Ascending order
Descending order
Order by ID
Last modification
Menu order
Posts per page Set the number of courses you would like on the page/template
-1 for all

Custom Template

This allows you to change the order of information within the course card. You're able to drag and drop the order any way that you like and have full control over how the course widget is displayed.

By default you will see Template items:

  • video_or_image
  • title
  • progress
  • price

Each custom template element has the ability to enhance and provide 

Course title

Title link to the course enable/disable
HTML Tag H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, div. span, p

Course Link

Use custom text Yes/No (allows you to rename the link)
HTML Tag Text or Button (provides more control and custom design for the link)
Icon Add a custom icon
Icon position Before or After
Icon spacing Control the number of pixels between the icon and the text with Normal and Hover states
Icon color Give the icon a specific color

Course Link

Plan First featured plan
First plan
Output style Price and frequency

Course Progress

Height Set a custom height between PX, VH, or EM
Show progress number? No (shows nothing)
Percentage (displays %)
Steps (displays total number out of specified steps)
Show progress for non enrolled user Show or hide

Custom Text

Custom text Add custom text to the course card without much styling options

Featured Image

Fallback image if no content? Show or Hide


Fallback image if no content?
Show or Hide

Video or Featured Images

Fallback image if no content?
Show or Hide


Check out the conditional logic panel in the advanced section!
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