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Course Access Plans Widget - Overview

Note: This widget will only work with Elementor Pro

Lifter Elements integrates with LifterLMS access plans and memberships by using our "Course Access Plans" widget. This widget allows you to choose exactly which access plans or memberships to display on your courses, as well as how you want to display them. Here's how to create the access plans that you want to offer in LifterLMS, and then how to display those on the frontend through our widget:

Give your course an Access Plan

Access Plans are ways of setting up payment for your courses that are course-specific.

You can watch our video tutorial above or learn more at LifterLMS Academy on Access Plans.

In our video, we set up an Access Plan for both the Course and Memberships.

Editing in the Theme Builder

Once you have your access plans set up and ready to go, here is a look at the different options Lifter Elements gives you control over.


Display Slider or Table
Slider gives you Slider Options in the editor
Table gives you Table Options in the editor
Slider Options Navigation - Arrows, Dots, None
Pause on Hover - Yes/No
Pause on Interaction - Yes/No
Autoplay - Yes/No
Infinite Loop - Yes/No
Transition - Slide or Fade
Transition Speed (ms)
Content Animation - None, Down, Up, Left, Right, Zoom
Table Options Equal Heights - On/Off
Min Height - Set in PX, VH, or EM
Columns - 1 to 6
Spacing - Set in PX, VH, or EM
Access Plans From Course and Memberships
From Course only
From Membership only
Height Set a custom height between PX, VH, or EM
Highlight Featured Plan? On or Off
On gives you control over Banner Text Color & Banner Color



Heading tag H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, div. span, p
Purchase link On/Off


Show Regular Price? On
Show Sale Price?
Price Label
Show Frequency? On
Frequency Label
Show Access Expiration? On
Access Expiration Label
Show Membership? On
Membership Label

Enroll Button

Type Default
Alignment Left, Center, Right, Justified
Size Extra Small
Extra Large
Icon Icon Library
Upload SVG
Icon Spacing Control the number of pixels between the icon and the text with Normal and Hover states

Custom Label

Label (Admin) Allows you to edit the admin label
Custom Content Allows you to replace the content with your own
Typography Ability to edit the text formatting
Text Color Add custom text colors
Background Color Update the background color
Border Type None
Border Radius Add a border radius (PX)
Padding Add padding (PX, EM, %)
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