What is Social Classrooms?

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Social Classrooms is a premium plugin that allows you to add social feeds to your WordPress site. For now it integrates with LearnDash, but further integrations are in the works.

Social Classrooms can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your students' e-learning experience.


  • Shortcodes for Social Feed [sc_posts_form] and Social Form [sc_posts]
    Specify a group ID or leave blank to detect the current group's ID.

  • Admin editing interface
    Manage all of your social feeds in one convenient interface. Moderate comments, reply to posts, or make new posts.
  • Comment moderation
    Just like WordPress’s commenting system, Social Classrooms lets you moderate comments before they’re posted.
  • Allow one-way or two-way communication
    Limit posting to group leaders or allow students to post or comment
    You can use social classrooms as a space for discussion, or you can disable student posting and commenting to use it just for updates. The permissions can be set site wide and modified per group.
  • Integration with LearnDash Groups
    Currently Social Classrooms can only be used with LearnDash. We hope to generalize it for use outside of e-learning sites and integrate with other LMS’s in the future.
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