How does the Lifter Elements conditional logic system work?

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  • How does the conditional logic system work?

The Conditional Logic System

Conditional logic is available in the Creator Edition of Lifter Elements. Our conditional logic system allows you to hide or show different elements on the page based on certain conditions that you set up. You can set these conditions on widgets, sections and columns (now called inner sections). The panel is accessible from the "Advanced" tab of any widget. 

Tangible Logic Panel

All of our plugins share the same conditional logic panel, so if you install another plugin of ours that adds conditions they will show up in the same panel as the Lifter Elements conditions and can be combined with them.

The panel allows you to create rule groups and add rules to those groups. ALL the conditions in a rule group must be met in order for the widget to be displayed. 
If you set up multiple rule groups on the same widget, the widget will display if all the conditions in ANY of the rule groups are met. 

You can see a list of current conditions available in this article

Example: Hiding the Course Access Plan widget four users that are already enrolled in the course


Click on the widget you want to apply the conditional logic to, then on the edit screen, click the Advanced tab. 

You will see a section called Conditional Logic.

Click on Open Conditional Logic Settings in that section.

You will then be shown the conditional logic panel which allows you to set the conditions and rules to the specific widget in order to be displayed or hidden.
Select  User enrollment status for the first rule, then is not for the second column, and Enrolled in current course for the third option. 
This will set the different pricing for the access plans that will be displayed to the users who are not enrolled in the course already.
After this is done, make sure you update your page to save changes to the course.

To test and verify this is working, view a course that a user is currently enrolled in and the Course Access plan shouldn't show up in the sidebar. If you view a course that a user is not enrolled in, the Course Access plan widget will be displayed.
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